Programming for kids

An exciting journey to the world of computer code and problem solving
for kids 7-12 years old

CODEWARDS is a game-based platform that teaches kids universal skills and concepts applicable to any programming language

This education product introduces children to the basics of programming through the computer and non-computer based activities

Skill focus

Complex approach helps learners to develop skills not only valuable in the world of software development, but also important for their everyday life
Logical Thinking
Logical thinking is one the most basic skills important to anyone. Observation and analysis. Reactions and feedback. Drawing conclusions and estimating outcomes.
Problem Solving
Problems and obstacles are the integral parts of our everyday life. How wonderful it would be to be capable of solving problems efficiently in no time.
Programming Skills
Programming is acknowledged to be an essential skill for having a high quality of life in the next 5-10 years. One should be able to write a simple program for a computer to precess the data.
Being a part of society requires lots of interaction. Friends, colleagues, superiors. Team work. We are not all born with effective communication skills, they have to be cultivated and practiced.

Grows together with a kid

Module system of the cuŠ³riculum is built from simple to complex. As kids grow older they could gradually explore more concepts and on a deeper scale

Includes non-computer activities

The product contains a set of materials convenient enough for home schooling or self education

Online Platform
Computer based part of learning is performed by completing the tasks of the lessons in special programming interface. In a virtual world of Codewards the learners become engineers on a mission to save the broken underwater station by fixing the parts of its operating system.
Each learner receives a practice book with tasks and extra materials to assist with learning new things and mastering the skills acquired.
Teaching Materials
Teachers get detailed methodical guide how to conducts all the lessons including online and offline activities.

Supports the teacher

Codewards has a complete set of hand-outs to help teachers

Learn new things
Teachers get detailed guide on how to conducts the lessons including online and offline activities. Before starting the course teachers complete a remote training session where they learn about methodology of the course and how to work with the online platform.

Technical support and consulting are provided throughout the entire course.
Organize lessons correctly
The educational course has a clearly set structure with a gradually increasing difficulty level of the tasks.

Teacher's guide contains all the necessary information on how to structure and conduct the lessons, balancing the time between online and offline activities.
Track results

Teachers become real managers. On their dashboards they are able to keep an eye on learners' activity, analyze their performance and manage the class.

Available in different formats

Codewards can easily adjust to your needs

1 lesson per week X 1 hour X (16+16) times

160+ standard challenges

50+ advanced challenges

Final Test included

intensive course

2 lessons per week X 1.5 hours X 4 times

75 standard challenges

45 advanced challenges

Final Test included

intensive course

5 lessons per week X 3 hours

Accelerated completion of all challenges

Final Test included

Start teaching your kids to code

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Now with LEGO WeDo 2.0!

Learning programming is fun, learning how to program robots is twice as fun! You can do both within the LEGO+Codewards add-on.

LEGO+Codewards contains a set of extra lessons to the Codewards Module 1, including teaching programming and building and controlling robots.

The product introduces children to the basics of programming through computer and non-computer activities.

Learning with Codewards

Teachers, kids and their parents already tried the course and they love it!
Here's what they say
Some feedback
It's important to start learn coding at this age and not to lose time. Knowledge is easily gained at this age, the most important thing is to present it in a correct and simple way. It explains the benefits of technology in simple words and opens the door to a new and changing world for students.
2nd Grade Teacher
We started to learn coding to teach our kids. That allows us to communicate in one language. The computer turns from a harmful thing into a very useful one. The kids get a lot of joy when they manage to complete a task, they see the robot arriving to the right place.
1st Grade Teacher
We need to constantly motivate kids to study. Such lessons do that. The kids are intrigued by what will happen next.
2nd Grade Teacher
After the lesson my son came up to me and said: "I want more!!!"
Gregory's Dad
9 y.o.
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