Hour of Code with C.A.T.S.

One-lesson session to try Codewards and introduce kids to coding

Coding is for everyone

The main goal of Hour of Code is to show that computer programming is not something scary or complicated. It can easily become as easy as pie. Learning to code stimulates your creativity, logic, critical thinking and problem solving

So, why to try?

Try Hour of Code by Codewards and have a lot of fun!
Hour of Code by Codewards is designed to introduce you and your students to the basics of programming. More than 10 coding challenges are here to engage, motivate, and reward your kids while they're learning to code and having fun!

For this one we teamed up with ZeptoLab, the creators of adorable green candy-eater Om Nom from Cut the Rope franchise. So now you can show your skills as a brave pilot of robotic machine in the world of Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S.) and test it's devastating power!

Uh-huh... And what's there for teachers?

Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
14 challenges for K-12
Challenges grouped in sets of 10 depending on difficulty and age of students
Student metrics & certificates
Stats show how successful was every student in the class in solving programming puzzles and mastering concepts
Progress tracking *
After the registration stats for every student become available
Lesson guides & answer keys
Guide contains detailed scenario for the teacher with description of computer and non-computer activities

Ok, any story behind it?

Absolutely! You're not just doing some boring stuff, trying to write correctly a few lines of code while hoping it will work in the end. You're getting your hands on supercool programmable robot that destroys things!

Yeah, we know you like it.

Count me in. Lets get started already!

Attention to pilots! Difficulty level will grow gradually so later challenges require higher skills than the starting ones. Pick the path you think you can deal with.

Choose wisely.

Get your certificate here

You will receive filled certificates for you and for your students by e-mail you have submitted

Now I definitely want more!
You've completed Hour of Code by Codewards and you liked it?

(He he, we knew it from the very beginning!)

Go to I WANT MORE and we'll help you to get the full experience.

Codewards includes everything you need to teach programming in a fun, engaging way, including lesson plans, teacher guides, answer keys, and standards alignment.
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Codewards is a game-based platform that teaches students the universal skills and concepts applicable to any programming language. It is not just an online course where you move the blocks. It provides a full stack of online and offline activities for students and comprehensive methodological materials, that turn any teacher into a computer science specialist, without any knowledge in coding.
ZeptoLab UK Limited is a global gaming and entertainment company best known for developing the award-winning hit franchise Cut the Rope®. Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times by users around the world since the first game's debut in October 2010. The company has also released C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars and King of Thieves, massive multiplayer mobile titles with more than 200 million combined downloads so far, as well as Pudding Monsters and My Om Nom games. Most of the games can be enjoyed on all major platforms, including (but not limited to): iOS, Google Play and Amazon.
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