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Anyone can code.
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Codewards' Hour of Code introduces children to the basics of programming through a set of computer and non-computer based activities

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Try Codewards' Hour of Code and have a lot of fun!
Codewards' Hour of Code is designed to introduce you and your learners to the basics of programming. These more than 10 coding challenges are here to engage, motivate, and reward your kids while they're learning to code and having fun!
The main goal of Hour of Code is to show that computer programming is not something scary or complicated. It can become a piece of cake! Learning to code stimulates your creativity, logic, critical thinking and problem solving.

The story

Join an exciting mission to save the underwater city. Experience the work of a rescue engineer fixing damaged city systems with commands and algorithms. Overcome various challenges to proof your skills, intelligence and courage!

No programming experience required for teachers or students!

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Codewards' Hour of Code is not associated with code.org project by any means
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Try Hour of Code with C.A.T.S.
Together with Elsie get prepared for Robot Olympics! Along with programming concepts learn how to drive, collect details and create tools, build and test your mighty robot.

For this special edition of Hour of Code we teamed up with ZeptoLab, the creators of adorable green candy-eater Om Nom from Cut the Rope franchise. So now you can show your skills as a brave pilot of robotic machine in the world of Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S.). and test it's devastating power!
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